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02/03/2017 - More Women In Top Management Of Public Sector

PUTRAJAYA, March 2 -  Malaysia has surpassed its quota of 30% women in the public sector, at policy maker level, with 35.6% (1,419 women officers) in the top management group, said Chief Secretary to the Government, Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa .

"The total achieved is a remarkable accomplishment in the civil service and proves that women civil servants in Malaysia play a significant role in the governance of the country," he commended.

Based on the current statistics (excluding police and military services), women officers are in the majority group (57.5%) of the civil service, comprising the top management and he executive group.

In his speech, Ali urged senior women officers in the civil service to focus on providing better services to the people, in support of the government's efforts to increase productivity and enhance the image of the public sector as the main sector spearheading the development of the country.

With regards to the role of women in the 2050 National Transformation (TN50), Ali said women had also been identified as among its main focus.

Thus, continuous measures will be implemented to empower women's leadership in the country's development, particularly towards making TN50 a reality. — Bernama