18/12/2016 - CRP Programme Cuts Recidivism Rate to 0.5 Percent


KLUANG, Dec 18 -MALAYSIA continues to have one of the lowest recidivism rates in the world, thanks to its Community Rehabilitation Programme (CRP), which focuses on rehabilitating prisoners with good behaviour.

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa said the programme, under the National Blue Ocean Strategy, had reduced the recidivism rate significantly.

CRP is held at six army camps nationwide: Desa Pahlawan Camp in Kota Baru; Mahkota Camp in Kluang; Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah Camp in Jitra; Syed Sirajuddin Camp in Gemas; Batu 10 Camp in Kuantan; and Kota Belud Camp in Sabah.

“We have a selection process for prisoners attending rehabilitation programmes.

“The CRP programmes have reduced the incidences of ex-convicts getting involved again in negative activities.

“Malaysia is among the best in the world as this programme has cut the recidivism rate at the camps to 0.5 per cent,” said Ali after visiting the CRP facility at the 7th Infantry Brigade base at Mahkota Chief Secretary to the Government

participants at army camp here yesterday.

Recidivism refers to a person’s relapse into criminal behaviour, often after the person receives sanctions or undergoes intervention for a previous crime.

He said CRP, a collaboration between the Defence Ministry and Armed Forces, had successfully rehabilitated and released 8,200 prisoners since it began five years ago.

Ali said the CRP programme had proven effective in reducing the national average rate of recidivism.

“The average recidivism rate for Malaysian prisons is seven per cent.

“These prisoners can’t spend time productively and would return to a life of crime.

“But under the CRP, the recidivism rate at the army camps is now 0.5 per cent and this is a success under the National Blue Ocean Strategy,” he said.

Ali said there were currently 1,645 CRP inmates, who were referred to as People Under Supervision.

He added that there were plans to expand the programme to Sarawak.

There are 236 inmates undergoing the CRP in Mahkota Camp.

Among the programmes for prisoners are religious, spiritual and family counselling modules, sports, agriculture, welfare and cultural activities as well as skills training, including catering, sauce-making and baking.