22/08/2016 - Public Sectors Harnessing Innovation Will Exceed People's Expectation


PUTRAJAYA, Aug 20 -- Public sectors that successfully harness innovation will succeed in exceeding the people's expectations, said Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) President Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa.

Ali, who is also Malaysia's Chief Secretary to the Government, said innovation would impact upon and change the way services were delivered, as governments set new standards that challenge and propel the public sector to even greater heights.

"An innovative public service always stems from the strong desire to serve the people better which will inadvertently translate to and boost the productivity of the public service," he said.

Stressing that without vision, commitment and a big passion it was impossible to move towards an innovative and productive public service, Ali pointed out the need to continue fuelling passion to serve and strive for excellence.

"All in all, we want to give our best to the people. (What more) With the continuous demands from the public and challenges from various fronts," he said in his appreciation speech at the CAPAM President's Dinner and International Innovations Awards 2016 here Saturday.

The three-day CAPAM 2016 biennial conference at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) themed 'Innovation: A Public Service Imperative' ended today.

CAPAM was established in 1994 to facilitate the sharing of information and best practices between public administrations of Commonwealth countries, in addition to promoting good governance in the government.

Ali, who has been re-elected as CAPAM president for 2016-2018 term, said it was imperative for governments to be more innovative as it was the key sustainable comparative advantage that led to value creation and ensured delivery of high quality services.

"With continuous effort and ability to deliver, the public surely will be able to benefit from the services rendered," he said.

Ali said as a leading organisation that champions for public administration excellence and good governance practices, CAPAM has been recognising and celebrating the spirit of innovation in the public service by presenting the International Innovations Awards to organisations that had made significant contributions to improving governance and services in the public sector.

"We hope that this spirit of innovation will always be ingrained in our minds and embedded to our hearts for the advancement of the public sector," he said.