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27/06/2013 - JPA To Enhance Transformation Framework To Expedite Decision Making Process

PUTRAJAYA: The main framework of the transformation of civil service being drafted by the Public Service Department (JPA) would expedite the action of government departments in making decisions.

JPA director-general, Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi Zainal said at the moment the framework applied by JPA itself has not been extended to other government departments.

He said it would be implemented in six months before the department discussed with all ministry secretary-general level to study in detail before extending it to all government departments.

Mohamad Zabidi said through the new framework, each department would set up a 'task force' specialising in each assignment, so that there would not be too many layers in the process of decision making and according to the framework it involves aspects of human, organizational structure, delivery system, cooperation as well as patriotism.

"Government departments have a hierarchy of many positions from the lowest to the highest grade for a decision to be made. As such, the power could be delegated to the officer in each task force to make the decision and the officer need to be confident to do so," he said after the closing mentoring convention (Akrab), here, Thursday.

Earlier Mohamad said Akrab was expected to have 10,000 members by 2015 compared with 6,500 currently and according to him, through Akrab, government servants could share their effort and ideas to improve work motivation.