Date Title
22/08/2016 Public Sectors Harnessing Innovation Will Exceed People's Expectation
21/08/2016 Malaysia's Transformation Initiatives Take The Leap Beyond Its Shores
20/08/2016 Leadership Crucial For Culture Of Innovation In Public Service - Deputy Prime Minister
20/08/2016 Imperative To Strengthen Innovative And Creative Ecosystem
20/08/2016 Encourage Peer - to - Peer Learning To Facilitate Attainment-
20/08/2016 Innovation "Fuel" For Public Services Transformation
20/08/2016 CAPAM : Malaysia's Reinvention Of Public Services A Key Take Away
20/08/2016 Cervical Cancer Project In Tamil Nadu Emerged Overall Winner For IIA Award
19/08/2016 KSN Re-Elected As CAPAM President
19/08/2016 CAPAM Delegates Inspired By Malaysia's Drive Against Silo Mentality
19/08/2016 Lesotho Keen To Emulate MCTC
19/08/2016 Fiji Admires Malaysia's NBOS Initiative On Sharing Of Resources By Ministries
19/08/2016 Re-Election As CAPAM President Recognition For Malaysia
19/08/2016 CAPAM Invites Guyana To Host 2018 Biennial Conference
19/08/2016 Multiple Helix Strategy Best For Innovations In Public Service
19/08/2016 CAPAM Announces Board Of Directors For 2016-2018
19/08/2016 Policymakers Urged To Embrace Design Thinking
19/08/2016 CAPAM Delegates Want To Establish Permata Kurnia Autism Back Home
19/08/2016 Social Learning Via Peer Coaching Group To Stimulate Innovative Culture In Public Sector
18/08/2016 CAPAM 2016 Kicks Off In Putrajaya
18/08/2016 Prime Minister Urges Commonwealth Countries To Embrace Innovation For Growth
18/08/2016 Malaysia's Foreign Policies Must Be With National Interest In Mind
18/08/2016 CAPAM Can Serve As Innovation And Creativity Platform
18/08/2016 Reduce Bureaucracy In Public Sector For Sustainable Economic Growth
18/08/2016 Government Policies Need To Encourage Citizen To Participate In Innovatioa
18/08/2016 Drive Thru Pharmacists and Postal Delivery Of Medicine Among Top Public Service Innovations
18/08/2016 Malaysia's Priority In Education Is Second To None
18/08/2016 VIA And VILI, Non Chemical Disease Programme To Detect Early Cervicak Cancer
17/08/2016 KSN Re-elected To CAPAM Board
11/08/2016 Prime Minister Najib Puts National Interests Above Personal Consideraion
01/08/2016 Malaysia To Host CAPAM 2016