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Tan Sri Dr. Ali bin Hamsa was appointed as the 13th Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia by the Yang DiPertuan Agong effective 24 June 2012.

Born in Kluang, Johor on 29 August 1955, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from University of Malaya before furthering his studies to Oklahoma State University, United States where he obtained a Masters in Economics in 1986 followed by PhD in Environmental Sciences and Economics in 1997.

Tan Sri Dr. Ali joined the Administrative and Diplomatic Service (PTD) as an Assistant Director at the Ministry of Trade and Industry on 5 January 1981. In 1986, he became the Senior Project Manager of the Economy and Public Policy Management (PUTERA) at the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) where he co-authored two books namely “Dasar-Dasar Utama Kerajaan” (1997) and “Malaysia Kita” (1998).

After a short stint at the Ministry of Transport in 1992, his relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to obtain his PhD in 1997. Recognising his forte in economics, Tan Sri Dr. Ali was posted at the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Prime Minister’s Department upon his return from the United States. He contributed his expertise and experience for the next 11 years at EPU in several positions, culminating as Director of Disbursement Division and then Deputy Director-General of the National Transformation and Advancement Programme.

On 22 April 2009, Tan Sri Dr. Ali was appointed as Director-General of the Public Private Partnership Unit (UKAS), Prime Minister’s Department, a central agency created to spearhead Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives namely privatisation projects, Private Finance Initiatives (PFI), corridor development and facilitation funds.

As the Chief Secretary to the Government, he introduced the “Merakyatkan Perkhidmatan Awam” (Humanising the Civil Service) concept in 2012 which emphasises the need for public officials to realise that they are also a part of the rakyat and therefore should be able to understand and empathise with the rakyat’s needs and aspirations in coming up with people-centric services.

Tan Sri Dr. Ali is currently Chair of the Malaysian Integrity Institute (IIM), Co-Chair of the Special Taskforce to Facilitate Business (PEMUDAH) and Deputy Chairman of Johor Corporation (JCorp). Tan Sri Dr. Ali is also Board Member of Bintulu Port Holding (BPHB), Penang Port Commission (PPC) and Bumiputera Agenda Coordinating Unit (TERAJU).

His participation in corridor development includes being a Board Member to the Eastern Corridor Economic Region (ECER), Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) and Sabah Economic Development and Investment Authority (SEDIA). He also spearheads National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) initiatives, a multi-Ministry and multi-Agency collaborative effort in line with the national transformation agenda.